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Dr. Haynes provides shares her unique insight about the current issues in America.

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Dr. Carole Hornsby Haynes is a much sought after education policy, Social and Emotional Learning, and Critical Race Theory expert and speaker. A noted author and accomplished pianist and organist, her extensive and widely published commentaries on education, culture, history, and politics are popular with both national and international audiences. Dr. Haynes' work reflects her deep conviction that America must be warned about the consequences of cultural decay and political decisions. She is renowned for her insightful ability to bring simplicity, clarity and a fresh perspective to complex issues. To contact: chaynes@drcarolehhaynes.com.

Schemes of the U.N., U.S. Government, and Billionaires


Host Carole Haynes exposes the sinister scheming by the U.N., the U.S. government and billionaires to return civilization to serfdom.na

Host Carole Haynes exposes the scheming of the U.N., the U.S. government, and billionaires to use education as a change agent. Parents will want to rethink educating their child in a public school after hearing the truth. From Marxist propaganda, psychological profiling of children through online testing, the truth about workforce and "21st century learning" to the takeover of the classroom by Big Tech, this is like a thrilling spy novel!!

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